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                Article V of the Manual for Private Schools suggests, “For schools which desire to meet standards of quality over and above the minimum required for government recognition and in aid of its regulatory function, the Department (of Education) encourages the use of the mechanism of voluntary accreditation. Towards this end, it shall:


(1)   Maintain a policy environment which enhances the private and voluntary nature of           accreditation and protects its integrity, and:

(2)   Establish a scheme for progressive deregulation of qualified schools or specific programs or courses of study in such schools


Voluntary accreditations and certifications are the results of a school’s effort at self-improvement and is not a government imposition. It is considered a powerful influence in the quality of education in the country since schools are geared to attain beyond the basic requirements and provisions of law.


Pursuant thereof of the school’s desire to promote quality education, the following accreditation and certifications have been undertaken by the Main Campus in Las Piñas:


1996      First Preliminary Visit by PAASCU


1997      Passed Level I PAASCU Accreditation for the Grade School and High School

                          – July 31, 1997


1999      PAASCU Level II Accreditation


2007      ISO 9001:2000 Certification

               The Certification was voluntarily withdrawn by ESS in 2009

 due to conflicts in documentary requirements.  



PAASCU Level II Re-Accreditation


     At present, the South Campus in Imus Cavite is awaiting its PAASCU visit and accreditation in 2010.



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