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The Attendance requirement of the school mandates that employees of the Elizabeth Seton School are expected to report daily and on time based on their official schedules. Regular monitoring of employee attendance is maintained to ensure the effective performance of all concerned.


In ensuring accurate monitoring, the school adopts the “Biometrix” system, a computer program which scans and records employee entry and exit from the campus based on real time. The recorded information is used as basis for supervising employee attendance on a monthly basis.

To promote attendance discipline and conformity within the school community, the following guidelines are maintained for the interest of its customers and operational requirements:    


Leave of Absence


Absence is a state of being away or not present in the workplace during the duration of a prescribed period. In consideration of human constraints and unavoidable circumstances where employees maybe required to be absent from the workplace, the school provides a three (3) days a month allowable days of absence from work; in excess of which shall be considered a violation unless otherwise accompanied by a reasonable excuse for the absence. 


An absent employee must inform his immediate supervisor prior to or at least hours prior to the day of the absence to enable the head to attend to the necessary adjustment in work operations.


Employee’s subject for long term absence due to a medical condition or the like must file for their Leave of Absence with corresponding medical and health records analogous to their request. Such absences are subject to the approval of the Medical Unit of the school.


                In consideration of hourly work concerns, the school has imposed that an employee who is unable to complete at least 4 hours of work excluding lunch break, based on the prescribed work schedule, automatically considers the employee absent in record for the working day.



Half Day


                In recognition of the Labor Codes failure to clearly define “half day work” the school has imposed a mandate on such considering missed work, either in the morning or afternoon, between 2 to 4 hours of the regular work period as half day; wherein 2 hours is equivalent to 120 minutes.


                A half day absence shall not be deducted as half of the daily wage but rather based on the number of minutes missed from work to compensate for fair labor.


                In addition, the attendance computation of half day shall be recorded as a 0.5 absence. 




                Employee tardiness is defined as arrival at the employee’s place of work later than the officially prescribed time schedule as evidenced by the school’s attendance monitoring system.


                Tardiness in the morning is distinct and separate from tardiness in the afternoon so that it is considered as two (2) instances of tardiness. Tardiness caused by difficulty of transportation, distance of residence, and other similar circumstances are not excused except on occasions:


·         During typhoons, very bad weather, and occurrence of other calamities, a general guideline will be issued by the HRD in each case;

·         When prior permission with meritorious reasons for being late is secured from and approved by the HRD unit

·         When employee undertakes official business outside the school premises in connection with his/her work


                The school allows 4 counts of tardiness for each month in consideration of unforeseen circumstances; in excess of which shall be considered a violation. 



Under Time


As a counterpart of morning late entry or tardiness, under time is defined as departure from the place of work earlier than the prescribed time schedule as evidenced by the school’s monitoring system. This accounts for the first minute the employee has left work to the actual prescribed time for work end.


Considering the similar nature of tardiness and under time, the permissible number of such is carried over the count of employee tardiness.



Lunch Break


                As prescribed by law in Art. 85, the school gives its employees no less than sixty (60) minutes time off for their regular meals each day wherein employees are free to do what they will during such period, although this does not excuse them from performing some emergency service if deemed necessary.


                The prescribed lunch break is based on the daily work schedule of employees and may not necessarily be fixed.


                The consumption of the lunch break is not restricted in campus. Within the allowable period, employees are permitted to leave the campus to attend to personal concerns considering they file for “permission to leave the campus”. The said document is used for the effective monitoring of the sixty minute break.



Official Business


Employees attending to external functions and/or activities, which are official in nature, are excused from the daily attendance provided that they complete and submit an approved “Official Business Form” at least two working days before the event.  


Official functions and/or activities are those deemed to be relevant to the school’s operations and those which benefit the organization.  As per memo dated October 18, 2002 by the President, social obligation of employees may not be charged against official time, this includes hospital visits, vigil at wakes, and attendance at funerals; discretion for exemption maybe given by management on a case to case basis.





Overtime is considered as work rendered or performed in excess of the prescribed working hours based on the requirement or recommendation of the school. This therefore constitutes that overtime may only be filled if permitted prior to the effectivity by management. Service extended by the employee without prior approval from the school management may not be considered overtime.



Double Deductions


The school imposes double deductions to prevent absences or filing of leaves during important school events and assessed significant occasions. These deductions may not be charged against the employees absence bank or leave credits to promote fairness to all concerned.


In the event of sickness or equally significant grounds for absence, the employee may file for reconsideration which is decided on a case to case basis.


The following events are considered for double deduction:


·         Before or after a legal / declared / special holiday

·         Recollections / Retreats

·         Christmas Party

·         President’s Events

·         Teachers and Staff Day

·         Institutional Outings

·         Other events declared institutional in nature by management


In addition, the school shall uphold double deductions on absenting employees before and/or after a holiday to avoid unnecessary absences during such critical periods in instruction. Exemptions from this ruling on the other hand shall be extended to those absenting due to medical reasons supported by extensive medical references.

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