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Guided by the virtues of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the Elizabeth Seton School as a community strives to live the Catholic Faith, be socially responsible life long learners in constant pursuit of excellence and proud of their Filipino identity and cultural heritage.





As a CATHOLIC SCHOOL, ESS nurtures individuals to become authentic Christians whose daily lives are anchored on faith, love and selfless service, virtues of its patron saint Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton


As a FILIPINO SCHOOL, ESS inculcates love of country and appreciation of its cultural heritage, instilling a sense of pride in being a Filipino to enable its community to become productive and active participants in nation building 


As a CENTER FOR LEARNING, ESS pursues to provide quality educational service and functional academic excellence that emphasizes on entrepreneurship and multiple intelligences in preparation for global competitiveness





As the Elizabeth Seton School continually promotes excellence, leadership and commitment, the CREED has been conceived out of its desire to provide direction in molding its members to become authentic Christians, responsible Filipino citizens and life-long learners.


The CREED, an operationalized version of the mission-vision, purports to concretize into a character and actions all of the school’s goals and objectives that are geared towards the holistic development of every member to become a person of God and a conscientious member of his community and the society at large. The Elizabeth Seton School CREED stands for:


                                                C ommitment to Faith


                                                R espect


                                                E xcellence


                                                E mpowerment


                                                D edicated Service






The Elizabeth Seton School core curriculum is anchored on the 2002 BEC and 2010 SEC and is guided by the virtues of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. It highlights experiential, integrative, cooperative, individual and inquiry-based learning experiences which are premised on constructivist theory. It is geared toward the development/enhancement of students’ multiple intelligences, megaskills, entrepreneurial skills, passion for lifelong learning, quest for excellence and service to the country and community.





Elizabeth Seton School, as a Catholic Filipino learning institution is committed to the continual promotion of the mission-vision by providing globally competitive instruction and services at all times.


It ensures effectiveness of the Quality Management System by constantly meeting the changing needs and requirements of all stakeholders; competently satisfying the requirements of the Department of Education, PAASCU and all other mandates of the Philippine laws.



Institutional Quality Objectives


In promotion of its quality policy, Elizabeth Seton School continually aims to achieve the following Quality Objectives:


1.     Provide avenues for the realization of the mission-vision

2.     Promote the culture of excellence in people, practice and paper

3.     Create an environment that identifies and responds to the current and future needs of the stakeholders

4.     Align performance and achievements with current local and international standards

5.     Provide sufficient resources which caters to the needs of the community






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