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The Elizabeth Seton School dress code is documents is stipulated to guide all school employees regarding the acceptable and desired work appearance of its employees. The school recognizes that the person’s appearance is indicative of their positive image and ability to be self-disciplined.





Employees of the school are required to wear the prescribed uniform from Mondays to Thursdays with the school identification card.  Failure to comply with such ensue the written explanation of the employee for reasons withholding.


Fridays are reserved as employee “wash day”, the school imposes minimal restrictions for the said day wherein a prescribed shirt is the only considered mandatory garment; trousers or skirts maybe worn with the school’s prescribed shirt depending on the employee’s preference together with the school’s identification card. 


Special Occasions


On occasions called for by the school and in cases wherein preparation for activities have to be done within the school, employees of the school are permitted to freely but appropriately dress for the occasion, guided by the set standards below. Regardless of attire on the other hand, all employees are required to wear their school identification card within campus to ensure proper identification of parents and guests.



External Activities and Events with Parents and Guests


On occasion of attendance to official external activities and/or events in-campus which requires exposure to parents and guests, everyone must be reminded of the professional requirement desired by the school from its employees.


In this regard, employees must maintain professionalism and a pleasant appearance in representing the school; the following are highly recommended attire for the said occasion:



For Ladies

For Gentlemen

·         Button Down Blouse

·         Knee Length Skirts

·         Slacks

·         Cardigan / Blazers

·         Button Down Shirt w/ undershirts

·         Slacks


Graduation / Recognition Day and the Like


Formal celebrations which recognize the achievement of students and the school must be taken seriously and with much zest. Employees attending such activities are required to wear the following during the said occasion:


For Ladies

For Gentlemen

A formal attire with colors ranging from White to Beige only 

Barong Tagalog 


Internal Activities


Considering the relaxed, exciting and active atmosphere which often take place during in-campus activities employees of the school are permitted to wear casual attire mostly composed of a regular collared shirt and jeans. 


Sports Activities


On occasions where sports oriented activities are taking place, employees of the school participating during such events may be allowed to wear comfortable clothing such as jogging pants and shirt. Those actively involved in the actual game maybe permitted to wear the necessary sporting attire suitable to the occasion during the period of the event only.



Identification Card


Employees of the school are issued identification cards upon employment with the school to expire after two (2) years. Upon expiration, the employee is entitled to a new identification after presentation of the old identification card.


Lost ID’s may be replaced through the HRD Office after payment of a fee.


Restricted Attire


                In careful consideration of the school public reputation and the nature of its industry certain types of clothing shall be strictly prohibited by the school during all occasions:


For Ladies

For Gentlemen

·         Skirts cut above three inches from the knees

·         Pants cut above the knees

·         Backless and/or Strapless clothing

·         Plunging Neckline

·         Jersey shirts

·         Sando (all types)

·         Shorts (all types)

·         Low-waist pants


                For All employees

·         Advertisement shirts

·         Caps and/or Hats

·         Naughty and Double Meaning Shirts


                In addition, employees of the school must take into consideration that their clothing must sufficiently cover necessary body parts at all times and in all positions. The following are guidelines to take into consideration:


·         The clothing should not expose the navel, cleavage or back side

·         Undergarments must be kept concealed

·         Clothing must cling into the body minimally and not hug all body curves




At a time where shoe selection comes in a wide range of options, the Elizabeth Seton School subjects its guidelines for footwear to a minimal few to avoid unnecessary constraints in supervision. It is therefore discretionary on the part of the employee to assess the suitability of their footwear to their working conditions but management reserves the right to call the attention of employees who persistently wears inappropriate footwear after discussion with the concerned employee.  


The preference of the school on ladies footwear on the other hand is limited to: open but heeled or flat but closed options, while men’s footwear is limited to closed black leather for the duration of the four days of uniform wearing (Mondays to Thursdays).

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