Employment Classifications
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Employment Classifications


                Employees of the Elizabeth Seton School are classified based on their performance evaluation, length of service and work load. The Following information serves as a guideline for employees seeking promotion.  


a.     According to Tenure


Employee ranking based on tenure takes into consideration the loyalty in terms of years of service. Guided by the Labor Code, employee tenure is determined based on the number of school years completed visa-vie the tenure requirement of the school.


Term Contract / Probationary


Probation for staff employees shall not exceed six (6) months from the date the employee started working, unless it is covered by an apprenticeship agreement stipulating a longer period.


                A term-contract faculty and non-teaching faculty, on the other hand is one who has been appointed for full-time work and has not served ESS for at least three (3) school years or more or less 30 months as of March 31 and on whom permanent status has not yet been conferred by the school. 


                A probation period on the other hand may be extended for any employee provided that such extension is due to a valid reason and/or where the regularization of employment may be a violation of any governing rule or regulation of the school. Conditions of the extension of probation are stated in a waiver which is duly signed by both parties involved.


The services of an employee who has been engaged on probationary basis may be terminated for a just cause or when there is failure to qualify as a regular employee in accordance with reasonable standards made known by the school to the employee at the time of engagement.




A regular employee is one who has passed the prescribed probationary period, has been conferred a permanent status and has completed all necessary requirements for regularization. 



Replacement Faculty


Faculty employees hired after the first month of the school year (July) as replacement and/or additional manpower are considered replacement faculty; such position does not carry any tenure regardless of the length of months to be served for the school year.


b.     According to Load




                A full-time employee of the school is one whose total working time devoted to the school is eight hours a day or forty hours a week.  The employee has no other remunerative occupation elsewhere requiring regular hours of work that conflict with the working hours of the school.


                Based on the existing policy of the Department of Education, the teaching load of a full-time teacher is 21-25 hours per week inclusive of assignments as class advisers and moderators for co-curricular activities.  The rest of the forty hours are spent in other academic responsibilities such as consultation, checking papers, class preparation, meetings and the like.


                The school reserves the right to require employees to report to school during Saturdays and Sundays as well as during summers for official functions, seminars/workshops and other related school activities which will directly benefit them.  Employees pursuing graduate studies and have classes during these periods may be excused from attendance only if there is an existing scheduled examination or reporting for their class, otherwise they remain to be obliged to report for the official activity.




A substitute employee is hired on the occasion of a temporary absence of a full-time employee due to but not limited to pregnancy and/or medical leave. The period of substitution is defined by the estimated period of absence of the full time employee.


Substitute employees are obligated to comply with the set working conditions and responsibilities abandoned by the full-time employee for the duration of the contract.




                The policy of the school is to hire full-time faculty members only.  However, part-time faculty members may be hired for special cases, where the available load does necessarily require a full time faculty or for classes requiring teachers with specific fields of specialization.


                The contract of a part time faculty shall specify the number of teaching hours to complete in a weekly basis, as agreed upon by the applicant and management.



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