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Employees of the school are given allowances during occasions of official representation and school activities performed outside the school premises.


External Activity Allowance


                Employees of the school assisting students during off-campus activities and events are entitled to meal allowances for half day (at least 4 hours) and whole day activities (4 hours and more) except on occasions where the said activity is inclusive of meals, a regular school activity such as outreach and/or is not officially endorsed by the school.


                Attendance to seminars and other personal affairs, which benefit the school, are supported by means of seminar fee assistance coursed through FASECC and/or unit funds and provision for transportation. In the event that a school vehicle is not available to transport participants or the travel is found to be impractical, transportation allowance may be provided to the school employee. All such provisions must be duly approved by the unit head concerned and the head of Finance Administration.




Gas / Transportation Allowance


When possible, the school shall provide transportation for employees of the institution attending to functions related to work such as attendance to seminars, competitions, ocular visits and the like. In the event on the other hand that no school vehicle is available and upon approval of the Finance or Service Head, the concerned employee is entitled to receive gas allowance, for those traveling with their own vehicle or transportation allowance for those who will be using public transportation.


The issuance of this allowance is based on the estimated cost of travel as computed by the Chief Accountant and in consultation with the Motorpool Coordinator.  A copy of the itemized expense or receipts, when available, must be presented as part of the liquidation report.





Educational Benefit for Children


              Upon completion of 3 year or more or less 30 months of tenure, employees conferred regular are entitled to educational benefits for a maximum of two (2) children enrolled at Elizabeth Seton School for either Main or South campus.


100% discount on tuition fees – for children enrolled in Grade School 

                  50% discount on tuition fees – for children enrolled in High School


              Beneficiaries must be legitimate or legally adopted children of the employee. Children are subject to rules and regulations for admission and must maintain prescribed academic requirements for promotion and retention.


                Doctorate Completion


In consideration of the nature of educational service offered by the school, ESS is awed and proud of its employee’s desire to continually improve and grow as professional educators for the primary and secondary level.


        In as much as the school wishes to accommodate all soon-to-be doctors in education on the other hand, limited opportunities maybe offered by the school in terms of managerial and supervisory positions brought about by the structure of a school offering basic education. An employee of the school graduating from Doctoral studies with preferred specializations aligned with the school’s mission, vision and objectives maybe offered special designation/appointment – in consideration that their doctoral dissertation has been approved by the school president and maybe pursued by the school as a new program.


Honorarium for such appointments will be independently discussed based on work load, scope of work and participation of the employee in the school program.


Masteral Incentive


The pursuance of advanced studies from ESS recognized colleges and universities are acknowledged by the school by providing incentive for units earned and/or completed.

No. of earned Units

15 – 24 units

27 – 36 units

39 units and up


Masteral Degree









1.     All units subject for computation must be completed before June 1 of the school year


2.     A copy of the (1) Official Transcript of Records or (2) Official certification of units earned must be presented to the HRD Office for verification.

Completion of the Permit to Study form does not compensate for the requirements above.


3.     Intention to finish the degree must be clearly manifested by the employee through enrollment in the intended program within the last two school years (i.e. for this school year: 2008-2009 or 2009-2010)


4.     All MA degrees pursued must be in line with the faculty’s area of specialization or related to educational management – misalignments will not be credited by the school


5.     ESS has pre-selected preferred colleges and universities, enrollment in institutions aside from the preferred list will entitle the faculty to only 80% of the MA incentive


6.     The incentive is given only to faculty employees who are under “regular employment” (with outstanding contract from June 1 to March 31). Other forms of teaching contracts such as replacement or substitute are not entitled to the benefit

Disqualification does not include prolonged absence due to medically related leaves


7.     Upon completion of the MA studies, the employee must present a copy of the (1) Diploma, (2) Thesis or Comprehensive Exam results, or both, and (3) Certification of Graduation to be entitled to the annual Diploma or Masteral Degree honorarium  


8.     MA completion incentive is subject to 10% increase after every 5th year

9.     This benefit is for fulltime teaching faculty employees only 


10.   Honorarium is subject to 10% withholding tax 





Health Card


The medical health card is a compulsory benefit issued to employees of the school who have rendered at least 10 months of service on or before June.



        Staff and assistants shall pay for the 60% premium of the benefit for the first 12 months and shall pay 40% of the premium thereon after.



        Teachers shall pay the 60% premium of the benefit for the first 20-24 months and shall pay 40% of the premium thereon after.


                In the event of separation from the school within the school year, the employee shall be charged the unpaid premium for the remaining months of both the employee and employer share.




                All employees of the institution are covered by a group insurance that include medical assistance for accidents in campus and those which occur on the way to work or on the way home from work.


                During such circumstance, the Finance Administration shall take charge of all processing for claims and the like.


Year End Honorarium


                At the end of each school year, employees given or those who took additional responsibilities for the school year are issued financial incentives for their contributions to their department or the community.


Appointment Honorarium


Honorarium pay is offered to appointed heads, level coordinators and subject area coordinators for their additional supervisory loads. The computation of such pay is based on the type of work and the number of individuals supervised within the school year.


All issued honorarium are determined at the start of the year by the Human Resource Development Unit and are approved by the Vice-President for Finance and the school President.  


External Competition


Trainers for external academic competitions are appointed upon the recommendation of the Unit head and/or Subject Area Coordinators in consultation with the subject area teachers. A minimum of one and maximum of two teachers can represent the school subject to the approval of the Unit Head.


Trainers of winning participant / group will receive cash incentives at the end of the school year depending on the level and ranking.


In case of multiple student winners in the same level and competition, the trainer shall be given the incentive only equivalent to the highest award garnered by the participant. 


On occasions where the school has granted to cover full/partial expenses of the teacher-trainer for competitions, the school management shall have full discretion on terms and conditions for the monetary rewards.


Successful employees personally competing under the name of the school are entitled to any cash prize or incentive awarded by the organizers. They, on the other hand are no longer entitled to any additional cash incentive from the school.


Longevity Pay


Years of continuous and dedicated service to the school is rewarded and recognized by the management at the end of each school year during commencement exercises until their 20th year of service.  Recipients are awarded plaques of appreciation and monetary rewards equivalent to the following based on their year of entry:


Years of Service

Year of Entry

1975 - 1991

1992 - 1998

1999 onwards

10th year

50% of basic pay from the 1st year

50% of basic pay

30% of basic pay

15th year

75% of basic pay from the 11th year

75% of basic pay

60% of basic pay

20th year

100% of basic pay from 16th year

100% of basic pay

100% of basic pay



                Monetary rewards are computed based on the current rate of the employee on the year of the recognition.




Absence Bank (for regular faculty only)


Cognizant of the need and the importance of a good attendance among teachers as a vital factor for effective and efficient delivery, as well as, the possibility of some unavoidable absences brought about by varied personal and health reasons, the school management have decided to issue regular faculty employees a considerable amount at the start of each school year to cover for more or less five (5) days of absences which is reimbursable in cash if unconsumed.  

                Faculty absence must be duly filed before or immediately after the leave to be entitled to the benefit.


Birthday Blowout


                Birthday celebrants are given greeting cards signed by the President or Vice President together with meal incentives on their birthday month.


 christmas Gift


In the spirit of giving, the ESS management rewards its employees with an annual monetary Christmas gift in addition to their 13th month pay based on the number of years of service and additional goods depending on the availability of school budget and management discretion.   




As part of management incentive, identified key players in the institution are issued Flexible work schedules for the duration of their appointment.


Recipients of the benefit are required to complete a 40 hour a week work schedule, broken down either by eight (8) hours per day or the forty (40) hours per week depending on management discretion without specific reporting time restrictions.


Beneficiaries are required to observe restrictions set by the Human Resource Development unit which promotes effective and fair privilege controls.


PERAA Membership


Regular employees of the school are automatically registered as members of the Private Education Retirement Annuity Association (PERAA), which is a non-profit multi-employer retirement plan provider exclusive to private education in the Philippines.


The employee contribution of 3% of his monthly basic salary is matched by a corresponding 3.25% contribution by the school which is equivalent to the saved retirement contribution of the school for the employee.


Perfect Attendance Merit


                The attendance record of employees are carefully monitored and supervised on a monthly basis, diligent employees without absences and/or tardiness for each month are awarded certificates of perfect attendance as proof of their conscientiousness.


                Within a period of a school year, employees with eight (8) perfect attendance certificates may claim an equivalent reward from the school. The counting of the incentive card maybe carried over up to the succeeding school year.




                On occasions of faculty absence, under load teachers are tapped to substitute for their colleagues. A full load employee requested to perform substitution duties on the other hand receives substitution pay based on the number of minutes rendered.


                The computation for substitution pay is based on the minute rate of a 1st year probationary faculty to be issued at the end of the school year.



Use of School Facilities


Employees of the school are entitled to use the school facilities under the rules and regulations imposed by the service administration. Internet service is also made available to employees in campus.

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