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Industrial peace is considered as one of the strongholds of the Elizabeth Seton School human resource management. The prioritization of its employee welfare, safety and satisfaction is given substantial attention by opening several channels of communication from top to bottom and bottom to up ensuring that all employee concerns are given attention and resolution.


Incidental concerns of employees in terms of work, benefits and incentives, load and the like are part of the school’s Grievance Machinery.


The first line of conflict resolution is coursed through the immediate supervisor of the concerned employee where inquisition and discussion can be made.


In the event the employee feels unsatisfied with the answers or decision given, the employee can then file a written document to the HRD Office using the Grievance and Complaint Form or through a memorandum addressed to the HRD Head stating the causes of his grievance. The issued complaint will be reviewed and a decision will be given to the employee after seven (7) working days.


If no clear or satisfactory resolution to the concern is made within the level of the HRD Head, the employee may forward the case to the Academic Director for faculty or the Vice President for the Staff employees using the same document issued to the HRD. The management decision issued after ten (10) working days in this level will be considered final.





                To ensure the proper management of complaints, the school shall uphold the following guidelines in line with the school’s grievance machinery:


1.     All forms of complaints and grievance must be coursed through the proper channels and must not bypass any level of management 


2.     The employee shall be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of documents pertinent to his complaint


3.     An extension of any of the given deadline is allowed provided that both parties agree to the said extension


4.     It shall be the responsibility of the employee to follow up responses to his request


5.     Decisions made by the HRD and the Academic Director / Vice President must be secured in written form to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings


An appeal maybe elevated to the President only on a case to case basis upon recommendation of the Academic Director or the Vice-President

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