Hiring Procedure
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Hiring Procedure


Employment procedures facilitate the efficient processing of applications and generated data needed for effective assessment of potential workers. The following are the set guidelines of the Elizabeth Seton School in ensuring the employment of qualified and skilled employees for its varied positions. 



1.     Applicants must submit the following requirements to the HRD for evaluation:


-       Application Letter

-       Resume with 2 x 2 picture

-       Official Transcript of Records or

      Temporary Transcript (Certified True Copy of Grades) for new graduates


2.     Based on the submitted initial requirements, applicants with satisfactory academic performance and/or impressive work experience are recommended for an initial interview with the HRD Head


3.     The initial interview is conducted to verify the authenticity of the documents submitted and to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant in the following areas:

-       Oral and Written Communication

-       Educational Background

-       Professional Experience

-       Personal and Professional Relationships



4.     Qualified applicants are subjected to further screening processes to determine their suitability to the school’s work environment.


Teaching applicants are given on-the-spot teaching demonstration to verify their mastery of the subject area and their innate skills in teaching. Applicants are given one-hour to prepare their lesson plans and visual materials for presentation to the school panel, which is composed of the Subject Are Coordinator and selected teachers of the department.


Faculty applicant assessment is guided by the Teaching Demonstration Form which is submitted to the HRD for documentation. 


5.     Teaching applicants with favorable results from the teaching demonstration are recommended for testing, as well as qualified staff employees from the initial interview.


The battery of tests and the criteria for evaluation conducted by the Guidance Unit shall include:


-       IQ                                                    Percentile Rank of 55% or higher for

                                                                Communication and Mathematics


-       16 PF                                             Commitment





-       Essay                                             Organization




6.     Recommended applicants based on the psychological tests are scheduled for final interview. Teaching applicants are interviewed by both the Subject Area Coordinator and Academic Head while staff applicants are interviewed by the respective Unit Head for their desired unit.


7.     Endorsed applicants for hiring are subjected to their last screening which completed through a background check from the last known employer to confirm status of exit and employment history.


8.     Applicants cleared from obligations and given satisfactory recommendations for employment by their last employer are scheduled for a contract proposal.


9.     Assuming an honored and signed contract has been finalized, the new employee is required to submit the following documents for legalization of employment with the Elizabeth Seton School:





-       1     -    1x1 Picture

-       1     -    2x2 Picture

-       Birth Certificate

-       Marriage Contract (if married)

-       * Transcript of Records

-       * College Diploma

-       Certification of MA Studies (if any)

-       * Government Exam Rating (LET-License)

-       * Good Moral Certification from Previous Employer

-       Medical Exam Certificate

-       Latest X-ray Result including film

-       Police Clearance

-       NBI Clearance

-       TIN No

-       SSS No.

-       Residence Certificate

*Original (for authentication only) and Photocopy (for file)





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