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The ESS Logo is tricolor: green, white, and yellow.  It contains two doves encased in a circle with widespread wings and protruding tails.  The name of the patron is written in bold letters above the circle while the year of its founding is indicated by numerals below the doves.  The Catholic orientation of the school is proudly proclaimed in the spread out scroll.


Meaning of the Colors


Green         Represents life and vitality.  As an institution, the school is dedicated to growth and development, which characterizes life


White         Symbolizes the purity and clarity of intentions of the institution.  The Mission Statement clearly defines its identity as a Filipino Catholic school devoted to the pursuit of academic excellence


Yellow        Suggests light, inspiration, and wisdom.  It draws light, inspiration, and wisdom from the Lord and continues to seek guidance through the intercession of its great Patroness, Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton




The circle implies that learning is a continuous endeavor.  It is a never-ending process.  There are always new ideas to learn as human beings go through life.


The two doves facing each other suggest cooperation and solidarity.  ESS promotes healthy human interpersonal relationships.  Although there are diverse needs and concerns among its stakeholders everyone is united by a common goal and aspiration: excellent education for the youth.


The widespread wings and protruding tails of the doves represent the idea that learning stretches far and beyond the classroom walls.  The world is a classroom.  And ESS pupils should continue to seek knowledge and truth anywhere and everywhere as they go through life.

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