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In assuring the aligned promotion of objectives, the Board appoints amongst themselves a President who assume the highest position in the operational management of the Elizabeth Seton School supervising the over-all decision making and general movement in the organization.


The daily operation of the Elizabeth Seton School on the other hand is subdivided into three (3) general groups:


Academic Administration          Focuses on the continued compliance and reinvention of the school’s academic programs and the promotion of  

                                                      the school’s vision and mission


Finance Administration              Handles the school’s budget and finances and manages resources necessary for its monetary, structural and

                                                      physical investments


Service Administration              The backroom operations of ESS which oversees the structural, material and physical requirements needed by

                                                      the community for its daily operation.



The three major administrations are supervised by its respective Directors. Directors are responsible for the overseeing of effective operations of administrations in the macro perspective; they provide guidelines, recommendations for improvement and handles cases beyond the control of their subordinates.



To ensure the effective management of varied concerns on the other hand, each administration is subdivided into Units, which are sub-groups dealing with specific concerns of the administration. Each Unit is appointed a Head who is given the primal role of supervising its effective operations and is empowered to decide on critical matters which involves operations and the like. 


            In Academic Administration aside from appointing Unit Heads, Coordinators are also assigned to promote streamlined supervision of both faculty and student in a smaller ratio size.


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