New Employees Orientation
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New Employees Orientation


The New Employees Orientation (NEO) program is a means to get the new employee off to a right start. It is designed to bridge the gap between the process of hiring and the formal introduction to the new day-to-day working environment of the employee.


The groundwork and presentation of the faculty and staff orientation is centered to enlighten and acquaint new employees with the school’s mission-vision, so that these new employees can begin to embrace and understand the standards, goals and culture of the school as a Catholic Filipino Learning Institution.


The orientation program is geared towards the holistic preparation of the teachers and staff members mentally, physically and spiritually as they face the biggest challenge of simultaneously acting as an educator, parent, friend and adviser to each of their students. Further, the orientation program aims to give focus and direction to new employees as they are familiarized to rules, regulations and expectations of the school as members of the ESS community.


Camaraderie and a strong sense of belongingness are also imparted to these new employees to assure them of a strong familial environment, which is ESS primary tool in building its anchored relationship with its employees. In general, an educational, memorable and fun activity is prepared annually for the new members of ESS community to jump-start their initiating year with the school. 




1.     Create in the new employee a favorable attitude to adjust to the Elizabeth Seton environment, standards and culture


2.     Provide the new employee with the basic information relative to the requirements of the job


3.     Acquaint the teacher with company policies, procedures and regulations pertaining to discipline, safety, hours of work, incentives, promotions, transfers, and the like


4.     Arouse the employee’s interest in the importance of the existence of the company


5.     To familiarize the employee with the objectives of the school in accordance with its Mission-Vision


To build a sense of security and belongingness, which facilitates a better working relationship with peers and management

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