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Teaching Outside Elizabeth Seton School


                Employment in an education industry is considered laden with varied work responsibilities and is time consuming, it is on the other hand the prerogative of hard-working and economically driven employees to take on other duties and responsibilities outside their regular employment under the following conditions:


1.     Teaching outside ESS must be in the tertiary level only


2.     Employees are only allowed to handle “professorship” classes after working hours or Saturdays


3.     No special time adjustments will be extended to teacher-professors including Saturdays, if Saturday work applies


4.     Approval for this request must be sought before the start of each semester or trimester, which ever applies from the concerned immediate superior (Unit Head or Director) and forwarded to the HRD Office for documentation 


5.     Teacher-professor applicants must have above average rating in the previous school year’s performance evaluation program and must maintain such standing otherwise forfeit qualification to pursue tertiary teaching in the succeeding semesters / trimester


6.     In the event of an important school function, the employee must always prioritize duties and responsibilities to the Elizabeth Seton School 


Office Maintenance and Cleanliness


Offices must be kept in good condition by all concerned, regardless of the prescribed regular cleaning of the Maintenance personnel.


Personal spaces, cabinets and desks must be free of unnecessary clutter to maintain its professional appearance. The school also discourages employees from posting, hanging and displaying personal materials and the like within confined spaces; confiscation of such materials maybe pursued after due notice from the HRD.


Meetings and School Functions


Employees of the school are required to participate in all official activities set by management and those which are related to their functions and responsibilities regardless of date and time, such as:


·         General Assemblies

·         Unit / Departmental Meetings

·         Institutional Activities

·         Community Service Activities

·         Graduations and the like

Faculty employees, on the other hand are required to be present in all activities and/or occasions where their class is present to supervise behavior and student condition.


Employees attending graduate studies may be excused during small gatherings but will be required to absent themselves from school at least twice per semester to attend to important functions of the school.



School Utilities and Equipment


Offices are sufficiently furnished necessary utilities and equipment to improve work conditions, as custodians, employees assigned to specific work areas with such utilities are held responsible for its safe keep and maintenance. Losses reported or determined by the Service Administration of the school based on the annual school inventory may be charged from employee after due investigation especially on occasions where negligence has been found.


In addition, as members of the school community, the following house rules must be religiously observed:


1.     Operating hours of air-conditioning units: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm only


2.     Office lights must be turned off by the last person in the room


3.     Computer monitors must be turned off when not in use


4.     All equipment must be unplugged when not in use, except refrigerator


5.     All report drafts, internal memorandum and minutes of  unit meetings must be printed in recycled paper 


6.      Use of double tape and thumbtack in any surface (except corkboards) is strictly prohibited



Children of Employees


Children of employees enrolled in the school may join their parents only during mealtimes and short visits during the day.  Otherwise, they are not allowed to linger inside the faculty room, offices or classrooms.


Employees with young children are also discouraged to bring their children in campus during official working hours and during official school activities, visitation form family members in campus maybe entertained after working hours.



Personal Guests


Faculty rooms, offices and conference rooms are off limits to outsiders, students and guests, unless otherwise approved by management. 


Personal visitors, in unavoidable circumstances, maybe entertained by an employee in open areas of the school during their free period; such guests on the other hand may not linger in campus to wait for the employee’s free time.  



Guidelines for Medical Consultation


Employees who feel that they are indisposed are required to submit themselves for medical consultation and evaluation by the attending physician of the school.


                Depending on the recommendation of the school physician, the employee maybe given up to one (1) hour stay in the clinic may be allowed after which patient may be advised to go back to work, otherwise, sent home to rest.


Personal consultations may also be sought throughout the day depending on the availability of the attending physician, while medication for minor medical conditions maybe issued to employees for free.




Marriage between co-employees is discouraged but not banned by the school management. Those deciding to marry a co-worker after school year 1996-1997 must take into account that for both employees to retain employment with the school, the couple must be assigned in opposite campus and must not be employed in the same unit where there are less than 10 employees in the said unit to avoid manipulation and coercion.  


The school recognizes the legality of both civil and church weddings but prefers the latter. Proof of such must be presented to the HRD and Finance Administration for the updating of all pertinent records of the employee.


                In consideration of the moral requirements of the school as a Catholic Institution, employees living together without the blessing of the church or recognition of the law maybe recommended for dismissal for immoral behavior.





Expecting female employees are required to report the status of their pregnancy to their immediate superior within a reasonable time frame to effect necessary arrangements for the maternity leave. Regardless of tenure, expectant mothers are accorded similar rest periods for their delivery and recovery.


In consideration of the prescribed period of probation, the months spent for delivery and recovery of term-contract employees is subject for return; meaning, the employee must render the same number of months absented to compensate for the required number of months of the probation. Faculty employees in this regard, may render additional service during summer breaks to offices and/or assume other responsibilities in school to equal the months consumed for the maternity leave.


The school adamantly condemns pregnancy out of wedlock. Cases determined of such nature will be appropriately handled by the Human Resource Development unit.



Order of Departure during Class Cancellation


                On occasions of heavy rains, the school shall honor class cancellations declared by the Department of Education National, the local municipality and Regional boards. Should classes be cancelled in the Preschool and Grade School level, all employees will still be required to report to work; on the other hand the cancellation of classes from Preschool to High School shall automatically constitute the cancellation of work for all employees unless otherwise required by the school administration.


                In the event of a national disaster or conditions of extremities, the school shall communicate with its personnel through a text channel released by the HRD office to ensure the proper and effective dissemination of information to all concerned.


On occasions of unexpected cancellation of classes wherein all employees and students of the school have reported to work, faculty and staff are to adhere to the following order of departure from the school campus:


·         Only when all the students have gone home may the teachers and other office personnel proceed to go home;


Employees holding management and supervisory positions must ensure every student is in place before they leave the campus. In case of critical hours, students left behind should be endorsed to the FIS sisters to ensure their safety while inside the campus.

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