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Identifying the status of employees in an organization is a difficult yet necessary task to enable management to recognize and compensate its personnel effectively based on their contributions.


The Elizabeth Seton School in promotion of these desires, implements a comprehensive Ranking Program for teachers which aims to meet the following objectives:


1.     To ensure effective annual performance


2.     To fairly compensate teaches based on their contributions to the organizations and outstanding credentials 



Probation Period


Newly hired teachers are placed on probation of three (3) school years. Upon conferment of employment, teachers are given their “probation ranking” based on the following criteria:




Probee 1

·         Novice – Fresh graduate; or

·         One (1) year teaching experience


Probee 2

·         2 – 4 years of Teaching Experience


Probee 3

·         5 or more years of Teaching Experience



                A teacher’s probation status is good for three school years, meaning no promotion from status maybe granted.


As part of its policy on the other hand, the school does not make use of licensure as wager for promotion but utilizes this requirement as part of regularization.





After three consecutive school years, qualified teachers are conferred their regular status on their fourth year of employment. Concerned teachers are automatically promoted to “Novice 1” faculty status which levels the status of all incoming teachers regardless of past experience.


Regular teachers are entitled to annual promotion based on their year end performance on the following criteria:


·         Teaching Competency

·         Job Attitude

·         Attendance

·         Extra Mile


Note that qualification for promotion assumes that the teacher passes the set standard for each criteria and not merely the average of the four.


Ranking Levels


The school has identified five (5) ranking levels where prescribed number of periods has been established to ascertain the development of the employee. At the end of each rank level, a two year promotion is required to qualify for the next rank level.


Rank Level


Rank Description



A period of discovery, understanding the skills and values of the teacher that will be imparted to the school





The novice stage is the culture and standard building stage of employees. This is where “being a Setonian” is imbibed and mastered by the employee




The loyalty development stage. Teachers in this level are considered as assets of the organization and are budding leaders. This stage is where maturity is developed and commitment to the institution is established




A position of trust and security, where employees are considered as valued assets of the institution and great contributors in achieving the school’s mission and vision




The highest level of academic accolade. Employees in this level are expected to be partners of the school in developing programs and molding future leaders of the organization.



For a competent and diligent employee, only 30 years is needed to reach the highest ranking level considering the annual promotion. In the event that an employee is able to reach Master 5 status before retirement age, the employee maybe given allowances on top of his monthly rate for annual achievements.





Promotion is granted to qualified regular employees annually through the results of the year end Performance Evaluation issued before the start of a new school year. The effectivity of the promotion status applies on the first day of June.


Regular employees disqualified for promotion will remain to enjoy security of tenure and may not be removed from service. They also on the other hand will have no movement in terms of rates, benefits and incentives.

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