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Line of Supervision


                In each unit or administration, the highest authority is the Head wherein by line of authority directly reports to the Director concerned for the Unit/Administration. Unit heads are responsible for the over-all performance and direction of their concerned units under the supervision and guidance of the Directors and the Human Resource Development.


To assist academic heads with human resource supervision, this responsibility is given to: Level Coordinators and Subject Area Coordinators.


                On occasions on the other hand, where an appointment of an Academic Head is pending, an Officer-in-Charge may be appointed by the Academic Director to supervise the unit.


                A Program Coordinator on the other hand is assigned to work on supervision of special projects of the Director. Such appointments are given to individuals who are required to facilitate actual man power coordination.


Roles and Responsibilities


                Each supervisor plays a varied role and responsibility in the community which directly influences the flow of daily operations. Below are the basic job descriptions of the following designations:


a.     Level Coordinator


Level Coordinators (LC) are academic supervisors responsible for student concerns, as well as the performance of the daily routine of teachers within their respective level. They assist Unit Heads (UH) in terms of student management in relation to extra curricular activities and promoting discipline and order based on the student’s handbook.


Academic levels are divided into two basic functions Discipline Coordinator and the Activities Coordinator the functions of which are described below:


Discipline Coordinator           Responsible for the implementation, review and updating of the discipline program for students of the unit.


Activities Coordinator             Responsible for the screening, planning, execution of routine and special activities of the students.                               


b.     Subject Area Coordinator


The role of the Subject Area Coordinator (SAC) is crucial in the supervision of teacher performance and activities. They are directly responsible for the effective delivery of instruction by their teachers inside the classroom and the supervision of the continued effectiveness and appropriateness of the curricula in line with their subject area.   


SAC are leaders among peers. Although they have line functions, they can be considered disciplinal peers by supervising teachers in their area of expertise and promoting their development, as well as ensuring their compliance with the set rules and regulations of the school. This is achieved through their close relationship with their co-teachers creating a less threatening environment that elicits confidence and trust within the group.



c.     Program Coordinator


Program Coordinators are responsible for special activities and/or programs set by the Directress. They ensure proper and effective execution and implementation of focused activities and programs in close coordination with the Academic and Non-Academic heads and Director concerned. 


d.     Officer-In-Charge


In the absence of a UH, the Director may appoint a point person within a group to ensure the continued effectiveness of operations. The appointed Officer-in-charge (OIC) plays the role of a temporary leader for the group by attending to daily operational concerns and employee supervision under the direct guidance of the Director.





An appointment in the supervisory level is temporary and is served in intervals to allow the academic community opportunity to assess effectiveness after pre-determined periods. The short period of appointments as well, aims to create a training cycle that allows different individuals to experience, appreciate and develop their roles as leader.


On the first year of appointment, a supervisor is placed on a one year probation to enable the individual time to adjust to the role and expectations set by the school. The supervisors’ evaluation at this stage measures the ability of the individual to master the functions and duties of the job; assessing as well the following:


·         Leadership Skills

·         Supervisory Skills

·         Work Ethics

·         Personality


In the event the supervisor qualifies based on the set standards, a contract renewal will be offered a two-year period at the end of which, they will be assessed not only using the same standards as above but based on the following as well:


·         Contributions to the Unit/department

·         Effectiveness of programs and activities handled/supervised

 At the end of two years, the selection committee may recommend the appointment of a new supervisor or renew the contract for another 2 years depending on the potential line-up and the past performance of the supervisor. 


The maximum tenure for supervisors shall be one year probation and two consecutive terms of two years each – equivalent to 5 consecutive school years. A supervisor, on the other hand, maybe reinstated to the same position after a break of one school year as faculty depending on the assessment and evaluation of the concerned unit head.


The assumption of an appointment shall be effective June 1 of each school year but appointed supervisors must assume pre-school year preparation duties as well as faculty selection, assignment and training as early as May. 





Each individual has the capacity to lead - this is the guiding principle of the Elizabeth Seton School in their selection and screening of potential leaders of the institution.


A potential leader on the other hand must meet the following basic requirements to qualify for the following positions:


a.     Level Coordinator


·         Conferred with a regular teaching status

·         With academic tenure in ESS of no less than 5 school years upon appointment

·         Rendered service to the unit for more or less 3 school years before appointment

·         No grave or scandalous, outstanding or previous case with the Human Resource Development Unit

·         Above average recommendation from the Unit Head


b.     Subject Area Coordinator


·         Conferred with a regular teaching status upon appointment

·         Complimenting undergraduate degree in the subject area of appointment or no less than 5 years experience teaching the subject 

·         Preferably with at least 15 units of Masteral Studies in line with the subject area

·         No grave or scandalous, outstanding or previous case with the Human Resource Development Unit

·         Above average recommendation from the Unit Head


c.     Program Coordinator


·         Conferred with a regular status upon appointment

·         With at least 5 years experience in line with the project/program to be handled

·         No grave or scandalous outstanding or previous case with the Human Resource Development Unit

·         Above average recommendation from the Academic Director 


To enable the school to filter and select the best candidates for the position, a selection committee composed of the (1) Academic Unit Heads and (2) Human Resource Development Unit Head review the records and files of recommended individuals. Participation from the school community is also solicited through recommendation forms which are completed before the deliberation which shall serve as a guide for the selection process.


The recommended supervisory line-up is presented to the Academic Director for checking and the President for final approval. Both individual reserves the right to request for the re-assessment of the recommendations.




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