Types of Sanctions
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 Types of Sanctions


a.     Verbal Reprimand


        Verbal reprimand is the initial stage of the school’s progressive discipline for violations which are considered less serious. This is initiated by a verbal discussion between the employee and his immediate supervisor, wherein the objective is to probe and identify the cause of the concern and provide recommendations for its resolution.   


        A verbal reprimand may also be facilitated by any other representative of the school management depending on the gravity and repetitiveness of the offense. This type of reprimand is documented in the record book of the supervisor/head concerned and may or may not be included in the employee’s permanent record.



b.     Written Reprimand


                Offenses committed by employees of the school which are less serious but has been repetitively committed or seemingly disregarded to be corrected by the employee is elevated to a Written Reprimand. This assumes the formal advice of the management representative to the HRD of the continued negligence or lack of regard of the employee.


These documents are maintained in the employee’s 201 files and are used as reference for the future assessment of employee standing.



c.     Suspension


                “Suspension is a punishment for any infraction or breach of discipline that may have been committed by an employee but which might not be considered grave enough to justify dismissal” (Sarmiento, 2002). 


Number of Days for Suspension


       The duration of suspension is based on the recommendation of the EDT after the necessary due process and upon the approval of the President. An option from one to thirty (1 to 30) days without pay maybe issued depending on the gravity of the offense.


d.     Dismissal


Dismissal is considered as the last resort of the ESS management in correcting employee behavior. Dismissal is referred to as, “the severance of the employer-employee relationship” (Sarmiento, 2002) wherein the school management terminates all relationship with the concerned employee based on any of the following just causes:


1.     Serious Misconduct or Willful Disobedience

2.     Gross and Habitual Neglect of Duties

3.     Fraud or Willful Breach of Trust

                4.   Commission of a crime or offense by the employee against the person of his employer or any of his immediate family or duly authorized representative

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